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A tradition of service is the basis on which Fairmont Farmers Mutual Insurance Company was built. Fairmont Farmers Mutual has provided quality insurance products to meet the needs of our policyholders since 1889. As a local company, we are able to know the needs of our policyholders and agents and respond quickly to those needs. All of our decisions are made with you, the customer, in mind. Our purpose is to provide quality products and service in a professional, responsive and ethical manner at all times.


Grain Bin and Auger Safety:

Grain handling in bins can become routine and when a worker is in a hurry an accident can happen.  Sadly, year after year, people who enter grain bins are trapped and engulfed in grain resulting in suffocation. The number of grain bin fatalities can be greatly reduced if farmers and their workers get proper training and follow grain bin safety procedures.

Be Aware of Conditions for Entrapments

Entering a grain bin after a portion of the grain has been removed can be a very hazardous situation. Grain entrapment is often caused by grain that goes out of condition resulting in clumping, cones, pyramids, bridging and other problems with bin unloading. When this happens people often enter the bins because the grain is not flowing smoothly through the system. People in bins may also get pulled under by flowing grain. This grain entrapment may cause suffocation and death.

Use of an Effective Lifeline System

Always use a harness and a properly anchored lifeline when entering a grain bin with a second person to observe and monitor the worker in the grain bin.

Keep Clear of Operating Augers

Due to the nature of their active moving components and the auger itself, it will always pose a threat of serious injury.


Always lock-out so machinery is turned off while you are working on it and tag-out any equipment before entering a grain bin. This will signal to others that you are in the bin. It’s highly recommended that you seek out the information that the Grain Handling Coalition makes available at www.grainsafety.org.