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About Us

Fairmont Farmers Mutual Insurance Company was formed February 23, 1889, to meet the insurance needs of  the people in the Fairmont area. At that time the big insurers from out east were not interested in insuring property in the area.

The original articles of incorporation called to the corporation to exist for a period of 30 years and by resolution of amendment of the articles of incorporation dated January 6, 1919, filed with the Minnesota Insurance Commissioner on January 24, 1919, the corporation's existence became perpetual. The articles of incorporation were amended from time to time, including but limited to those dated February 19, 1992, filed with the Minnesota Insurance Commissioner on April 7, 1992, to amend Article I to further expand the geographic areas in which the corporation could do business and to amend Article I to change the name of the corporation to "Fairmont Farmers Mutual Insurance Company". The company operated from that time until January 1, 2002, as a Township Mutual under Minnesota Statute 67a.

On December 24, 2001, the company received a license to operate under Minnesota Statute 66a. Up until this conversion Fairmont Farmers Mutual had only underwritten fire and extended coverage. The company began underwriting the wind and hail peril on January 1, 2002 and has since added additional lines of business. This change to the operations of the company has had a significant effect on, and will continue to effect, the financial statements of the company.

On January 16, 2019, the company received a license to operate under Iowa Statute 515. This permits Fairmont Farmers Mutual to write property and liability coverages throughout the state of Iowa.

Today, as in 1889, the company is controlled by a local board of directors, management and staff. Fairmont Farmers Mutual has grown ever since. For more than 100 years, Fairmont Farmers Mutual Insurance Company has remained financially sound, providing stable rates and fair, prompt claim settlements.

As we go forward we will do our best to provide you the coverage you need at a competitive price. Being your local mutual insurance company allows us to be large enough to serve you and small enough to know you.