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Loss Control Supplemental Information Page


Making sure your family is protected and reducing your losses is important – that is why a member of the Fairmont Farmers Mutual Loss Control team will visit your home or farm in the near future to conduct a safety and property survey.  These periodic visits will include taking photos, checking building dimensions and gathering other pertinent information with regard to your insurance policy. Before our visit, you should receive a post card in the mail that will announce our upcoming survey of your property.

These surveys are conducted in an effort to ensure that your agent has the information necessary to suggest adequate coverage for your property. In addition, we are working to prevent losses which may cause a disruption in your life and also increase the cost of insurance for all our mutual policyholders.

If a door hanger has been left at your property upon completion of the loss control survey, please check it for notations.  If any items are marked, we would appreciate your cooperation in correcting them.  Additional information on each item is listed below.  If no items are marked, or we have not recently visited your property, please consider the entire list on this page as you work on maintaining your property. We will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the loss control process.

If you have steps on your dwelling that are in poor condition and need to be repaired or replaced, please take all necessary precautions to prevent anyone from using the steps until they are restored to a safe condition. This may require repair or replacement. 

Handrails are generally required when there are two or more steps leading up to a dwelling. The handrails need to be properly anchored so they can support those using the steps. Please refer to your local building code or a contractor for additional information.

Decks and porches must have railings installed to meet local building code. Depending on the height of your deck above the ground, the installation of a railing or other secure barrier may be needed to prevent accidental falls. Please refer to your local building code or a contractor for additional information.

We have all seen patio doors where the deck is waiting to be installed. In some cases it may be years before the deck is added. Due to remodeling, there are sometimes second story doors that open to a roof area or to nowhere. These doors should have controlled access to prevent someone from falling out if the door is opened. There are two options available to remedy this hazard. It is important that the recommendations listed below are completed without hindering the use of the door as an emergency exit should the need arise.  

Option #1: Install a security bar, gate or lock on the inside of the door to prevent accidental opening

Option #2: Install a decorative railing or gate on the exterior of the home.

There are many situations where over time, tree limbs extend over your roof and/or make contact with the roof. The branches need to be trimmed so that they do not cause damage to the building. This action will also decrease the likelihood of damage to the building should a limb break during a storm. There have been numerous losses due to falling branches or trees as the result of wind or ice. Simply trimming your trees could prevent extensive damage and inconvenience.

Dry conditions can result in fire spreading rapidly. If weeds, brush, and/or trees are kept mowed, sprayed, or removed to a minimum distance of 25 feet from all buildings it will significantly decrease the potential fire hazard when conditions are dry. Keeping these areas clear will also prevent snow from accumulating on or around the building, thereby decreasing the potential for collapse as a result of weight of ice, snow, or sleet.

Cigarette butts must be stored in either a covered metal container or a non-flammable container filled with sand. This is to prevent the butts from being exposed to oxygen and causing them to rekindle and/or ignite.  Never put cigarette butts in potting soil as it contains flammable substances.

Over time, debris may accumulate in your gutters. This excess debris needs to be removed so they can drain properly. If gutters overflow, it can cause foundation damage, flooded basements, ice dams and mold growth.  A few minutes spent cleaning your gutters may prevent more serious damage.

All solid fuel burning appliances (e.g. wood stoves, corn burners) must be inspected by a member of our loss control team. If you have one of these appliances, please contact our Loss Control Department at 507-235-9476 to set up an appointment. This does not apply to built-in fireplaces.